Lanxess K2019 New Mobility E-Mobility Car Blow molding

Automotive applications

The global trend toward more turbocharged combustion engines that are both efficient and climate-friendly is continuing. This is leading to increased demand for air management components, especially blow-molded charge air pipes. Moreover, the number of natural-gas-powered vehicles is increasing all the time, and fuel cell technology is being heralded as a new growth technology.

New special compounds for robust blow-molding processing can be used for air management applications in turbocharged engines as well as for liners in the gas storage tanks of hydrogen and natural gas powered vehicles.

Comprehensive customer service

LANXESS is also expanding its expertise in the field of virtual design methods. Thanks to simulations of blow-molding processes, we will be able to help our customers to design their processes with a view to increasing efficiency. As part of an international consortium, we will also promote the development of simulation software for suction blow-molding. Under the HiAnt® brand, we offer a comprehensive package of blow-molding services – from concept design, material optimization and the calculation of component characteristics by means of simulation tools right through to processing, component testing and the processing support for trial runs or start of series production.