Innovative colorant LANXESS Urbanization K 2019


Our Inorganic Pigments business unit will be presenting a black pigment that reflects the infrared portion of sunlight 20 percent more effectively than conventional black pigments. Plastic roofs and facades offer a wealth of potential for use in reducing temperatures inside buildings.

Using the Bayferrox® 303 T black pigment can also extend the service life of a plastic component considerably as the thermal decomposition of a polymer matrix is reduced due to lower heat absorption. In addition, the difference between daytime and night-time temperatures is much lower. Plastic components are therefore less exposed to thermomechanical stresses that can lead to crack formation or even bursting.

Colorful plastics

LANXESS is the world’s largest manufacturer of iron-oxide pigments, and also one of the leading producers of chrome oxide pigments. the company will be presenting its comprehensive range of Colortherm®  inorganic pigments for coloring plastics. Our range of products includes both all-rounders and specialists aimed at specific requirements. Thermal stability, color strength, resistance to light and weather, and chroma all determine the property profile, depending on the product in question

Apart from that, our Macrolex® dyes for coloring plastics can be used in the food, toy and packaging industry. The product range contains soluble dyes with high heat stability, good light fastness and weather resistance, high color strength, outstanding brilliance, high purity and safety standards to use for food and toys.