LANXESS K2019 NEW MOBILITY lightweight

Under the hood

Our high-tech plastics Durethan® and Pocan® replace metal parts in cars for weight reduction. Main applications under the hood are:

  • Front ends
  • Connectors
  • Suction modules
  • Door handles
  • Air management
  • Oil modules & pans
  • Cooling systems
  • Fuel systems
  • Beauty cover.

The thermoplastic fiber composite Tepex® offers excellent mechanical properties due to its continuous fiber reinforcement. In combination with its low density (weight), great potential for lightweight construction is ensured. In terms of design we are working primarily on hollow-profile hybrid technology and thermoplastic composites under the Tepex® brand. Most important applications are:

  • Seat structures and shells
  • Front ends
  • Pedals.

These high-performance materials can be processed and easily recycled in a way that is suitable for large-scale production and conserves resources.

Rubber reinforcement

LANXESS offers new aramid-fiber-reinforced masterbatches from the Rhenogran® P91-40 series for manufacturing technical rubber goods, such as heat-resistant, durable and abrasion-resistant silicone items like washers and seals. They improve service life and dimensional stability. Typical applications are sealing rings and sealing lips.

The pre-dispersed additives from the Rhenogran® product series are easy to handle, dust free, simple to dose, and also exhibit outstanding processing properties.

Rhenogran® CNT types are currently being developed as further reinforcing additives for special applications that involve withstanding even higher mechanical stresses.